Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming Soon!

Soon, I will be posting outfits for your favorite 18-inch doll both here and on the Bobbin Along Facebook page.  Check it out for details on a special sale as well!  Check back by the end of the week.  I appreciate your business!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Christmas Collection 2014

Check out the Bobbin Along Facebook page for more outfits and a special sale!  (If you are not on Facebook, email me and I will send you details!)  Lots more outfits will be posted soon.

Below:  For the aspiring 18" chef:  Toque, scarf, jacket, pants, and apron.  $35

Below:  One of a kind!  Lace-embellished flower girl dress, headband, bouquet and flower-adorned silver shoes.  $60

Below:  Something for the adults and big kids:  Doctor Who and Seahawks key rings.  $10

Below:  Time for cookie baking!  Apron and oven mitt--$18

Below:  Hand-knit variegated yarn sweater tunic; scoop-necked long-sleeved gray tee-shirt and leggings made from Liberty Jane pattern,  and ultra-suede belt  $40

Below: Rolled cuff jeans and Penny Lane jacket from Liberty Jane Patterns with cotton sleeveless top. $30  

Below: Pink tee-shirt, wool blazer, and black ultra-suede skirt from Liberty Jane Patterns.  $28

Below:  Black and pink flowered print dress (from Liberty Jane pattern).  $11
Below:  Pink sparkle mini dress with ruffled trim (from Liberty Jane pattern).  $12

Below:  Yellow and pink tea dress with flower trim.  $18
Below:  Blue Swim suit with tied waist wrap. $15
Below:  Green Swim suit with tied waist wrap. $15
Below:  Pink Swim suit with tied waist wrap. $15
Below: Karate outfit--white gauze fabric, with black belt. $14 (3 outfits available)